For a whole century Ukraine was a place of birth of fathers of many key sciences, which development has influenced on course of historical development of world science and on evolution of human thought. 

Many examples have confirmed these facts. Thus behind of success of a whole USSR Space program was 1 person -
 Sergey Korolyov. He was the pioneer aerospace engineer and the lead Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer during the Space Race between the USA and the USSR, he has been recognized as father of astronautics.

A Ukrainian pioneer of astronautics and spaceflight - Yuri Kondratyuk was a theoretician and a visionary who, in the early twentieth century, foresaw ways of reaching the Moon. His calculations and program has been used later by NASA in their space program "Appolon" - which was a greatest breakthrough of human thought and human bravery in space exploration.

The first helicopter in the world was designed and created by Igor Sikorsky, he was pioneer of aviation in both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. Since then each helicopter in the world is produced by construction scheme of Sikorsky.

 Oleg Antonov has designed and created the biggest air freighter on the Earth with the biggest Takeoff Weight in a history of aircraft manufacturing of 640 tons. An-225 was able to transfer large and heavy details with weight of 176 tons to base Boykonur to build spaceships.

 The first portable computer in USSR for calculations was created byVictor Glushkov, also he's recognized as father of informatics and cybernetics. 

A Nobel prizer Ilya Mechnikov first in the world has discovered the principle of immune system of human by discovering process of phagocytosis and it was key factor for mankind to start solving problems of viruses and epidemic, it was beginning of the new branch of medicine - immunology. 

Physician Ivan Pulyui has been championed as an early developer of the use of X-Rays for medical imaging, which was eventually described by Roentgen. His contributions were largely neglected until the end of the 20th century. As a result of experiments into what he called cold light Pulyui developed the Pulyui lamp which was mass-produced for a period.

Minerologist, geochemician Vladimir Vernadsky has created such sciences as geochemistry, biogeochemistry and radiology. That allowed us to research placements of natural resources on the Earth, to understand reasons of such placements and natural processes. 

Nikolay Pirogov is considered to be the founder of field-surgery, and was one of the first surgeons in Europe to use ehter as an anaesthesic. He was the first surgeon to use anaesthesia in a field operation (1847), invented various kinds of surgical operations.

We could continue this list from the depth of history to nowadays by someone who deserves to be continuation of success of a whole history of science for all mankind. His name is Andriy Slyusarchuk