Andriy Slyusarchuk  is a professor and lead neuroscientist and neurosurgeon in Europe, has 2 grand Ph.D. of medicine and 3 education. However he excels those listed geniuses by his temps and rates of development. Phenomenon of professor Slyusarchuk had appeared in early childhood. He started to read books while he was 2 y.o. He had finished the school when he was 9 y.o. He was admitted to one of the lead institutes in medicine science in CIS in Moscow when he was 12. His teachers were outstanding scientist in neuroscience of that time such as V. Karlov, A. Konovalov, A. Vein. He was graduate student in 18 and the youngest grand Ph.D. of medicine in CIS in 26.

Professor Slyusarchuk has achieved a huge breakthrough in neurotechnology and methods of working with information which no one has done yet on the Earth. Technology has not been patented yet. His technology opens access to unlimited resources of human intelligence and memory (without any specialized device or any chemical substances) for all people. While we work with information there's transcription process of gens in our neurons, this transcription fixes information to our long term memory. Period of transcription is individual for each person and takes from 10 minutes to an hour, but transcription is not always in desirable quality, often we can't recall exactly in details information that we need. Professor has invented method that allows to process transcription of gens (memorization) instantly, for 0,00001 second with absolute detailing. This is phenomenal breakthrough in human development that will predetermine the development of all sciences in nearest decades. It will be some kind of "booster" in our development, cognition of the world. This breakthrough allows us to create ultraspeed methods of education.

As one of examples of application there will be demonstration planned on March 2nd in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. Professor Slyusarchuk will win the most powerful algorithm and computer on the planet in chess game, which still hasn't been won by any chess master in the world (Rybka 4 CPU in latest modification, the chess champion among both machines and human). The most interesting fact is that professor never played chess before, education from the beginning to this ultra level of craftsmanship took only few month (with his invented technology). It's quite lot difference if we compare it to world chess masters which education for this level took almost entire life. Professor has discovered not just some part of our brain work but entire mechanisms and algorithms of our brain. It allows to use it not only in intellectual purposes but also in medicine. For instance, professor could cure all kinds of addiction without chemical or surgical intervention, he found original method that allows instantly (for a few days) cure drug, alcohol, psychological and other addiction with no damage to organism unlike to existing methods of nowadays which has side effect.

Today professor Slyusarchuk is recognized as one of the lead neuroscientist of Europe. Professors invents new methods of curing of sick people, he operates everything and cure those who have been rejected by other surgeons as fatal case. He has found solution to such problems as autism, all kinds of coma, schizophrenia and many other directions. Also professor practically knows the solution of cancer problem. Uniqueness of professor is also in his perfect knowledge of all 130 directions of medicine (ordinal medic knows 1-2 spheres of his science), that's why he's called by scientist society as "third in a history after Da Vinci and Tesla" in medicine and science with his temps of development, he already has quite enough inventions to be nominated to Nobel Prize. 

The another paradox which couldn't be characterized positively is that professor does all his researches and inventions with no science base, no laboratory, no support, he still on self-financing which is not enough for real science and results which Slyusarchuk is able to. For long time of work in Ukraine professor Slyusarchuk still not being supported by Ukrainian government, he is simply ignored. 

In 2009 president of Ukraine congratulated professor Slyusarchuk with his another world record and met with professor.

Professor Slyusarchuk and President of Ukraine

During the meeting sides have discussed the establishment of Ukrainian Institute of the Brain, the aim of which would be ensuring integrated approach to detection and treatment of brain diseases and introduction of modern methods of prevention and treatment. There had been  signed a decree by president about creating institute of brain in Ukraine, but this decree still last on the paper and it seems that nothing's going to change about it in the future ("The decree of persident of Ukraine № 1094/2009" - official site of the president of Ukraine).

The only chance to realize great number of inventions and direct it for the benefit of mankind - is creation of proper science base - World neuro center (WNC).

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