The only chance to realize great number of inventions and direct it for the benefit of mankind - is creation of proper science base - World neuro center (WNC), which would be able to accomplish 3 tasks through its 3 departments:

Neurosurgical and Health Center which would be able to do the most complex operations (for this purpose people fly to Israel neuro centres from all over the world). If WNC could be created, all those operations that are being done or even those that are recognized as an impossible for today science could be made under professor's supervision in WNC. 

World research neuro laboratory, where professor could lead all his researches and make new inventions for neuroscience, genetics and other with his science team of professors. Educational center of applied neuroscience, where everyone could study the Method of professor Slyusarchuk to improve in thousand percents his intellectual abilities, scientist from all over the world could study neuroscience and neurotechnologies in WNC. 

Project WNC will allow to create:

The most advanced in the world Neurosurgical and Health Center, which would be recognized as leader among others in the world. Science base on which could be made extraordinal researches and inventions. Unique educational center with no analogs in the world. 

Preferable place for professor's science team for WNC would be Ukraine. 
However, other variants of placements could be negotiated.

Please, contact us to discuss detailes. 

Mr. Alexander Mouzychenko
(representer of professor Slyusarchuk)

+38 063 1098999